The City Speaks – The Fishbowl Debate

3 Jun

Fish hanging form a mobile

After a very productive weekend in Edinburgh I’ve been fascinated to find out a little more about this year’s Edinburgh Lectures.  I’m sad to have missed January’s talks built around the theme “The City Speaks”.  Some talks are available online but the quality isn’t that great:  David Sim – RSA Dialogues: People Centred Cities

However what really fascinated me was the format adopted:

The audience was invited to participate in a ‘fishbowl’ debate, where four people converse in a circle until one of them is replaced by another audience member. “This made people feel more involved in the debate and pushed them to respond in a more thoughtful way,”

Having run numerous Q&A sessions I’ be extremely interested to see this format in action and to see how chairing such a session could be effectively pulled off – not just in keeping the debate on some kind of navigable train of thought but also in persuading invited speakers to enter such an exposed arena.  May just have to track down organiser Ben Spencer for a chat.


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  1. Risk averse culture « Curated Place - June 4, 2010

    […] Edinburgh’s Fishbowl debate format chimes well with some ideas I’ve been having about renewing cultural space by focussing cultural institutions into much more performative spaces where participants have to be there to experience ‘the moment’ thereby building the crucial emotional attachment to the possibilities of a physical space. […]

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