Everyday People

13 Jun

Spencer Tunick's Car Wash for the Lowry exhibition "Everyday People"

Unfortunately there wasn’t any live nudity at the Spencer Tunick launch on Friday as was half expected. Although I could have missed the action – those of us at the private view were all shepherded out before all of the 1000 excited participants arrived en-masse to see their naked selves displayed in the Lowry’s galleries.

However I did manage to speak to Nicky, one of the participants at the earlier event, about her decision to bare all in public as part of her process of recovery from anorexia. You can listen to it on the Curated Place Audioboo feed.

The Lowry commission is Tunick’s first multi-site project and the first time the artist has attempted to capture movement and energy in his works – fittingly taking inspiration from the work of the Salford painter that gave the centre it’s name. Taking 1000 naked people between 3 local authorities is no mean feat and logistically alone the whole project deserves recognition for its scale and ambition, but beyond the organisational achievement Tunick has genuinely managed to capture something of the essence that gives Lowry’s work such broad appeal and in doing so has even managed to reinvigorate the original paintings by populating the scenes of faceless figures with real people – albeit still stripped back to their basic human form.  Tunick’s personal favourite shot being the Car Wash.

The exhibition is a huge achievement for both Tunick and the Salford arts centre; by enticing an internationally renowned artist to work in the area and genuinely engaging people in the creation of his work the Lowry have managed to thoroughly outdo all of the other art spaces in the area.

At a time when Manchester City is closing galleries this is a real scoop for Salford, especially when the neighbouring Media City could be the development that finally pushes Salford into a long anticipated renaissance. Watch this space.


2 Responses to “Everyday People”

  1. Mark July 1, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    I am on the front row of this image – the whole event was amazing. If possible, could someone forward me a copy of this image as I didn’t take a camera along on the open day. Cheers Mark x

    • Curated Place July 2, 2010 at 8:09 am #

      Hi Mark,
      Winging its way to you now.
      The exhibition is still up if you can make it back to the Lowry.

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