17 Jun

Upsetting environmentalists and oil painters in one fell swoop is no mean feat, but it’s an achievement that contentious tech arts group can now lay claim to.

In the wake of the largest ever man-made environmental disaster Ubermorgen have seen the unfurling spectacle as an opportunity to reassess fine-art painting as “an oil slick the size of Puerto Rico paints the coastline”.

Interestingly the artists have only release a limited statement of intent.

Upsetting and insensitive, perhaps, but it raises questions about our willingness to gorge ourselves on images of condemned wildlife, destitute fishermen and devastated coastlines, reacting as though the news footage is little more than an unfurling drama that entertains as much as horrifies. Given that the story being sold to us, in the UK at least, is the devastation of British Pensions and the threat to our individual wealth rather than calling for imminent action to curb an ever more desperate oil dependency, perhaps the aim is to hammer home Marshall McLuhan’s old addage that, by alienating ourselves from the real world behind flat screen TVs, iPads and meaningless social media, “the medium is the message”.

Ironic that I’m sat here writing about it on a blog really.


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