Will paint for food…

21 Jun

It’s clear that the majority of arts graduates leave the nurturing embrace of college are shocked on entering the big wide world.  Arts training establishments do a good job of providing them with the luxuries of materials, tutelage and the space to work and exhibit, but fail completely in helping their graduates understand how to create a space where their bread and butter money contributes to their creativity as a whole.  So, applause goes out New York City for running artist centred business courses that seek to provide artists with the conceptual tools to monetise their practice.

Any Cultural Officials reading this please take note – we could certainly use this in the UK.  It’s all too common, and incredibly frustrating, on seeking business advice to discover that in practice most courses thoroughly misunderstand the subtleties of working in the creative and cultural industries. For example market research, a central tenet of business planning, can tell you what people expect – but I expect artists to exceed those expectations, not just meet them.


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