Cross your fingers…

22 Jun

Waiting with bated breath to see how far the cuts are going to wound the already depleted Arts Council budget. Having already lost £23m of their 2010/11 budget they boldly made the statement that regularly funded organisations would suffer a maximum of 0.5% cuts.  However, even with all the leaks to the press, there is likely to be a few bombshells today as the Lib/Con coalition goes into their first budget.

Past form, and common sense, suggests to any politician that making huge cuts at the start of your term in office is likely to yield better returns at the ballot box than making them just before a general election.  Why not keep up to speed by following the service of another public body fearing huge cuts to their services here?

UPDATE: Finalising departmental budgets will be put off until the spending review in October, however George Osborne has stated that because “the structural deficit is worse than we were told” state departmental spending will be reduced by an additional £17 billion by 2014/15.

This isn’t good news for the arts. The in-year cuts that prompted the Arts Council’s statement last week were as a result of the DCMS telling their departments last month to find savings of 3% in their budgets. However, ACE, clearly not being considered a priority, was ordered to make 4% cuts, equating to approximately £19m, a figure subsequently extended to the £24m mentioned above.

Looks like it could be just the beginning.


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