Rethinking Homes, Rethinking Regeneration – Urbis Research Forum Podcast 1

20 Jul

Urbis Research Forum Podcast 1 - Rethinking Homes Rethinking Housing

Last Monday Curated Place attended the latest Urbis Research Forum as it settles into its new home at the University of Manchester.

Bringing together academics, professionals and the people on the ground the forum aims to bridge the gap left by institutionalised discussions of Urban space which consistently only brings these groups together on opposite sides of the table.

Over the next few months I’ll be working with Mark Rainey, the man behind the Research Forum to try and spread what they’re doing a little further afield by recording and producing podcasts of the seminars, publishing the results here until we sort out proper hosting. here.

The latest outing, Rethinking Homes, Rethinking Regeneration, brought together Salford University based regeneration officer and academic Antony Lockley and Chair of the Grove Village Residents Association, David Tomlinson, to discuss the importance of consulting with residents in the redevelopment process of inner city housing.

We’ll be posting every outing of the forum on here but to automatically keep up to date with the forum you can subscribe to the feed by going to The Urbis Research Forum Podcast Feed and clicking the “subscribe in itunes” link on the right.


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