Killer (Re)Released

23 Jul

The Ruthless Rap Assassins classic Killer Album to be re-released

Staying on a musical theme there’s great news for all fans of UK hip hop with the revalation that two of the men that shaped the culture from behind the scenes are hooking up to re-release a forgotten classic.

Andy Cowan, the man behind the world’s first rap monthly HHC, and DJ/producer/music manager Greg Wilson, have joined forces to re-release the Killer album, the highly regarded magnum opus of Hulme’s finest – the Ruthless Rap Assassins.  Cowan, formerly editor in chief of the now all digital UK hip hop mag, has stepped away from the magazine publishing world to focus his love for hip hop more directly on keeping the culture alive by starting up specialist music label Original Dope.

An imprint of Cherry Red Records, who have previously helped out Curated Place on the Hacienda exhibition, Original Dope’s raison d’être is a dedication to preserving the legacy of the best hip-hop music on the planet, with a strong emphasis on classic British rap and lost American standards.

20 years on from the original unleashing of the Assassin’s debut album, Killer will be re-issued in all of it’s glory as the first Original Dope release, with the distinct possibility of the crew making a series of rare live appearances to celebrate the occasion.  Definitely a must have album for any fan of UK hip hop, the album also deserves a place in all serious music collector’s racks as the defining work from a crew officially recognised as the UK’s most successful least successful British chart artists ever (charting twice at no.75 for just one week).

The Ruthless Rap Assassins Killer Album 20th anniversary re-issue will be released in September 2o1o on Original Dope records (catalogue number ODOPE1001)

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