The Modern Lesbian: Mary Murphy – Politician and Activist

24 Aug

TML: Mary Murphy interview

A member of the Labour party since the age of 17 Mary Murphy has built up a reputation as fearsome political force, a reputation bolstered by her having served as councillor for Hulme since 1993.

Married and already with children before she discovered the women’s movement, and with it her own sexual identity, Mary moved to the city in 1966 with her three children in tow having left her then husband.  However, far from fleeing into an entirely new life she found solace in Manchester under the wing of her mother in law.

Soon after settling in to her new home city, Mary became heavily involved with the 1970s women’s liberation movement developing a passion for ensuring equality across the board of minority and oppressed groups.  Identifying herself as a Woman first, Irish second and a lesbian third, Mary’s admits that her political stance fighting all comers wherever she saw injustice and prejudice has occasionally led to her being criticised, by those with more narrow political targets, for not choosing her battles.

However, with over half a decade of politicking and direct action under her belt her associations fighting for causes that range from Greenham Common through to battling gun crime in Manchester today, reads like a history of the positive feminist influence on radical Britain and makes her stand out as an inspirational political figure whether considered within the realms of lesbian politics or politics in general.

Here’s the first part of Rachel’s interview with her where she talks about her move to Manchester, her path into activism and the dangers of in-fighting in women’s politics.

See all of the interviews here.


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