Fire Walk With Me…

1 Sep

Fire Walk With Me event at Temple Works, Leeds 18th September 2010

In a move that introduces the twisted imaginings of David Lynch to the shenanigans of a Rocky Horror Show screening (which can be no bad thing) Fire Walk With Me has earned a date in the Curated Place diary.

20 years on from the TV drama that arguably shaped all quality TV drama that followed, the event will see Temple Works in Leeds transformed into the town of Twin Peaks with the hosts inviting all comers to dress up as their favourite character and enjoy an evening living the dream/nightmare of Middle America as envisaged by the Eraserhead himself.

Staged by Dave Lynch (no relation), Micheale Spessa and Emma Bearman – all artists resident in the venue’s studios – the evening promises a wonderfully weird cocktail of film, theatre and live music with proceeds going towards the purchase of a new PA for the artist’s co-operative to continue producing nights of fabulous fantasy.

Killer Bob from Twin Peaks

Fire Walk With Me will take place at the Temple Works on Saturday 18th September from 7pm until late with tickets available now.


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