Curated Place at The Edinburgh Lectures – tickets available now

14 Sep

Talking Cities - The Edinburgh Lectures 2010/11

Today tickets for the Edinburgh Lectures go on sale with some very flattering coverage showing up in The Guardian referring to the forthcoming lecture from Curated Place’s Andy Brydon and Andrew Brooks as “one of the visual highlights on the line-up”.

We’ve been invited by the loverly Queen Margaret’s University to be their guest speakers after they heard about our forthcoming exhibition Edinburgh: Secret City that we’re aiming to reveal as part of the 2012 Edinburgh Festival.  There’s an incredible line-up for the entire series including  Andrew Dixon, chief executive of Creative Scotland, Alberto Magnaghi, professor of territorial planning at the University of Florence and Professor Bruce J. Katz, urban policy expert and adviser to the Obama administration. And us.

Edinburgh Observatory

In the lecture, “Never Let the Facts Get in The Way of a Good Story: Memory, History, Authenticity and Truth” we want to explore how our work taps into the mechanisms by which cities create their memories, at once embedded in the past and yet lived, and living, in the present. We’re looking to tease out the tensions between history, memory, truth and identity, firstly by examining images of Edinburgh presented in film and literature, but also by drawing on the stories we’ve already collected from British urban subcultures and by revealing some of the stories that are informing our work as we make our way around the cellars, towers, undercrofts and back alleys of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh: Secret City - Brooks & Brydon on location in Edinburgh

If you know of anyone with good stories from the Scots capital we’d love to talk to them as well as hearing any suggestions of lesser known films, literature or locations that shape your imaginings of the city – just leave a comment below or contact us through the Curated Place production pages.

But more than that we’d love to see you at the Scottish Storytelling Centre early next year when we get up on stage to deliver both the lecture and a sneak peek at the incredible imagery that we’re creating in one of the most charismatic cities in the world – if we get enough interest from the North West we might even arrange a Curated Place jolly north of the border.

Never Let the Facts Get in The Way of a Good Story: Memory, History, Authenticity and Truth
Thursday 24 March 2011 from 6.00pm
Scottish Storytelling Centre
Tickets available now at just £5.00


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