The End of History – Package design goes feral

24 Sep

Brew Dog - The End of History

Upsetting animal rights activists, drinksafe campaigners and Francis Fukuyama all in one fell swoop is no mean feat, but Brew Dog, the enfant terrible of the Scottish micro-brewery world, just might have managed it.

In a bid to reclaim their crown as brewers of the world’s strongest beer the duo behind the brand infamous for its forays into ‘extreme ABV brewing’ have come up with The End of History – a beer brewed to 55% ABV and packaged in either a taxidermied grey squirrel or stoat.

Brew Dog - pushing packaging into new and useless directions since 2010

The name of the beer is lifted from Fukuyama’s 1989/1999 essay and book of the same title that declared the end of the Cold War was not simply the passing of a period of post-war history, but the end of history as such- the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution.  The drink, so say Brew Dog, is similarly the end point in beer’s ideological evolution.

Whether you see it as a landmark in the brewing industry or undrinkable publicity stunt, all 12 bottles in existence have already sold out (although retailing at £500/£700 each – depending on the furry packaging).  Whatever your view it seems pretty clear that in terms of packaging design Brew Dog are pushing boundaries – though I’m not entirely sure to what end.


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