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All About Evil – 4d film UK Premiere

9 Sep

Curated Place is very excited to hear from Mr Bren O’Callaghan about one new project coming to Manchester as part of the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival taking place throughout October – the UK premiere of All About Evil, in new and improved 4d!

On Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of October Joshua Grannell’s drag-alter ego Peaches Christ brings his/her feature length directorial debut to Cornerhouse and with it what promises to be a night at the movies that you’ll never forget. Described as a “darkly comic, gore-spattered comment that pits classic splatter and historic B-Movies against XXX torture and contemporary gorno” All About Evil is a movie and experience borne out of Midnight Mass – an occasional late-night feast of guilty filmic pleasures that sporadically occurs at the Bridge Theatre, San Francisco and has grown into an underground phenomenon over the last 10 years.

A celebration of trash, bad-taste and underground movie making Midnight Mass has gained cult status, not so much for offering the opportunity to savour the best of the bottom-of-the-barrel on the big screen, but for the accompanying pre-shows that deliver high-campery stage productions, guest stars, and drag spectacles in order to prime the audience for acts of rabid participation encouraged throughout the screenings. B-Movie classics that have graced the bill to date include Showgirls, Purple Rain and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1 & 3, not that rubbish second one).

Not content with simply showing films Grannell always took the opportunity to slip in a series of his own shorts to the proceedings – eventually building his confidence, skills and audience to the point where he has transformed himself from outrageous MC to outrageous auteur.

The product of this transformation is a schlock masterpiece that tells the twisted tale of a theatre owner who, on discovering her audiences have an insatiable appetite for gore, decides to make and show her own snuff films in her ailing movie theatre. However, with the story taking place in the world of Peaches Christ the events on screen promise to spew out into the auditorium of Manchester’s finest (and only) arthouse cinema blurring the lines between fiction and reality, and promising a darkly comic ride for all involved – just make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

Tickets are selling like hot-cakes and available now online at only £15.

However, for the truly committed Manchester’s own sustainable fashion emporium, Junk, are offering the chance to take part in two “Hammer-Glamour” workshops where participants will be furnished with the means and materials to create the very best in Midnight Mass gore-couture on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September from 12 – 6pm for £120 (including VIP entry to the screening the week after).  Call Junk to book on 0161 238 8517.


Time for action

7 Sep

Great to see political action being encouraged by Artsfunding.ning this morning as they put a call out for people to sign up themselves and their networks to a petition calling for a full commons debate on the magnitude of financial cuts to the arts.

With huge reductions in funding anticipated in October and guaranteed by April it is imperative that the arts community in the UK makes a noise and creates a platform for debate around how creativity, particularly the non-commercial variety, is funded in this country.
La Machine at Liverpool Biennial 2008 image © Peter Carr
Although all sectors are going to have to tighten their belts over the coming years the arts are often seen as an easy target and an unnecessary luxury in amongst the grand scheme of things. However, the arts are a major employer – generating far more revenue than they cost to fund – as well as being a major attraction for tourism (just check out the crowds for La Machine above and Deller’s Procession below), a means of creating a sense of place in an increasingly homogenised world and arguably the most effective way of encouraging community cohesion in a fragmented society.  If current models are entirely replaced with idealised visions of patronage it seems inevitable that commercial value over creative value will become the yardstick for success ultimately reducing these benefits to a mere financial calculation.

That’s why it is essential, right now, that anyone with an interest in the arts makes their voice heard.
Jeremy Deller's Procession
Over the last 30 years public protest has been discredited by the powers that be to the point that anyone engaging in direct action, whether disobedient or not, is immediately labelled a kook or a crank whose voice falls outside of the realms of civilised debate allowing their concerns to be struck from the agenda prior to any discussion taking place. In order to combat this state of affairs it is incredibly important that people who wouldn’t normally involve themselves in public debate step up and make their voices heard – particularly as David Cameron has stated that any petition reaching 100,000 signatures is guaranteed a Commons debate on the matter raised.

So instead of retiring to an inherent/inherited British sensibility of tutting and reaching for the teapot/beer instead of being willing to engage in healthy confrontation, head over to GoPetition and sign up to help influence the political agenda and ultimately policy on how the arts are funded. Then encourage a friend, colleague or family member to do the same.

Saatchi “gift to nation” hits setbacks

6 Sep

The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal. "Charles Saatchi / from the series Inglorious Basterds and Big Collectors / and Jewish Revenge by Quentin Tarantino". 2009. Oil on canvas. 120 x 160 cm

Seems that Charles Saatchi’s plans to gift much of his art collection to the nation have hit a bit of a bump in the road as talks with Arts Council England broke down today. Here’s hoping that things can be straightened out sharpish but without enabling unscrutinised changes to public arts policy to fly under the radar.

The Modern Lesbian Live Studio Preview

3 Sep

Charlotte Varnam & Victoria Ramsdale

Huge thanks to everyone that took part in our live studio events over the weekend especially to everyone that generously donated to the project to help us take it forwards. With almost 100 people getting in front of the camera to add their portraits to the wider project we’ve got our work cut out over the next few weeks. We’re hoping to have The Modern Lesbian website redesigned and rebuilt to reflect the project developing by October.

In the mean time we’ll be posting more of the interviews that informed the exhibition here on the Curated Place blog and alongside resuming normal service keeping abreast of the arts and cultural scene in the North West and beyond.

Vicki Swinden & Cat Burgess

From here we’re looking to extend the project nationally and we’re looking for partners to help us make the next phase possible so if you know of anyone involved in or looking to get involved in LGBTQ arts please hook us up.

Jo Quinn & Claire Davies

Finally a massive thanks to everyone that got involved on both sides of the camera but especially the TML crew who volunteered their time to make the project happen.

The TML Crew

Fire Walk With Me…

1 Sep

Fire Walk With Me event at Temple Works, Leeds 18th September 2010

In a move that introduces the twisted imaginings of David Lynch to the shenanigans of a Rocky Horror Show screening (which can be no bad thing) Fire Walk With Me has earned a date in the Curated Place diary.

20 years on from the TV drama that arguably shaped all quality TV drama that followed, the event will see Temple Works in Leeds transformed into the town of Twin Peaks with the hosts inviting all comers to dress up as their favourite character and enjoy an evening living the dream/nightmare of Middle America as envisaged by the Eraserhead himself.

Staged by Dave Lynch (no relation), Micheale Spessa and Emma Bearman – all artists resident in the venue’s studios – the evening promises a wonderfully weird cocktail of film, theatre and live music with proceeds going towards the purchase of a new PA for the artist’s co-operative to continue producing nights of fabulous fantasy.

Killer Bob from Twin Peaks

Fire Walk With Me will take place at the Temple Works on Saturday 18th September from 7pm until late with tickets available now.

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