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A slice of Manchester history just in time for Christmas

11 Dec

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that Madchester obsessive in your life?

Well look no further than the work of Peter Walsh, legendary Manchester music photographer, who has just released a series of limited edition prints from his archive including rare and exclusive shots of Tony Wilson, Ian Brown, DJ Sasha, Shaun Ryder, John Squire and Oasis’ first ever session.

Shots are only available from his site in a strictly limited edition of 250 with all numbered and signed by Peter.  You can find them here.


Salford University Graduate? Work for Curated Place!

3 Dec

Curated Place are extremely happy to announce, in a time of recession, we’re hiring!

Thanks to the Graduate Gateway programme at Salford University we’re looking to take on two Salford graduate placements to help us develop the Modern Lesbian project onto a national platform.

We have vacancies for a Creative Assistant and a Web Designer to work 20 hours a week for 12 weeks from the 3rd of January.  Both positions will be working closely with photographer Rachel Adams – if you don’t know her work you can still find the Modern Lesbian exhibition on the walls of 52 Princess Street.

You can find full details by following the links below:

Curated Place – Creative Assistant

Curated Place – Web Designer

However, sadly the opportunities aren’t open to all – you must be a graduate of Salford University.

Applications are open for the next 2 weeks only so if you want to work with us or know someone that does tell them to get their skates on!

UPDATE: After a few enquiries you don’t have to have graduated this year – you just have to have graduated from Salford to qualify – talk to the Salford Careers University Office for more details on their criteria – 0161 295 5088 /

The Manchester Project

2 Dec

Mark Page Photography

Two interesting pieces of work worth noting coming out of the Manchester Photography stable this week.

Originally started back in 1999 ‘The Manchester Project‘ is photographer Mark Page’s ongoing personal portrait of a Northern English post-industrial city that has just gone live on his site here.

It seems to me that the story of these images is a commentary on the gap between what we’re told to be and what we are – particularly looking at those huge numbers of Mancunians whose social norms are undermined in the public facing presentation of the city – real people ignored for not fitting in to a gentrified vision of the city.

Its in this gap, between the aspirational marketing of corporate hegemony that Manchester has eagerly embraced and the reality of a Britain that ended up been forgotten in the recently passed boom years, that Page’s work always skilfully shines a light and starts to take on importance beyond the boundaries of the M60.

For more of Page’s ever so slightly tongue in cheek view of aspirational Britain head down to The Whitworth on December 17th where the Meatyard Arts projection night will feature images from his Semi-Detached project that similarly dissects forgotten British realities, this time at a more specific point on the social spectrum, by focussing in on the world of Englishman’s castles that are joined by one wall to someone else’s castle.

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