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Just back from British Council CLI Programme in Istanbul

30 Oct

Lost in Istanbul
The last week has been a real eye-opener.  Even with everything Curated Place taking off in the last year (hence the quietness of the blog) getting out of the UK to meet with cultural leaders from around the world has truly been a career highlight.

Over 5 days an incredible group of 47 participants selected by the British Council from 18 countries discussed the power and worth of cultural policy, the impact of culture on society and the opportunities afforded to cultural practices by digital technologies.  I was one of the participants but I also worked with the superb filmmaker Maria Gabriella of LittleStar and social media expert Jenny Jones to document the whole programme in a format developed by Curated Place and LittleStar that we’ll be rolling out across the arts and cultural world later this year (get in touch for more details if you’re doing an event and want it professionally covered with more panache than a corporate sales pitch).

Some on-the-fly films and audio are already available but we’ll be producing more lyrical mood pieces over the next two weeks that completes the package as a useable resource post-event.  Here’s a link to Audioboos with participants, and you can see some of the films here. Should give a hint at where we’re going with it.

Josephine Burns, BOP Consulting at Cultural Leadership International, Istanbul from British Council Arts on Vimeo.

The full list of CLI participants is on the British Council website and it makes for impressive reading but meeting these impressive people in the flesh exceeded my already sky-high expectations.  With a professional development programme to implement over the next year I’m extremely excited to capitalise on the networks created and the friendships started in Istanbul.  My head is still spinning from the whole experience but somehow I’ve got back to the UK with a remarkable clarity about the possibilities and the priorities I need to focus on over the next 12 months.

Thanks to all CLI participants.  2012 is going to be incredible.

Tamara Takishvili at Cultural Leadership International, Istanbul from British Council Arts on Vimeo.

Salwa Mikdadi, Head of Arts and Culture Program at Emirates Foundation from British Council Arts on Vimeo.


Why people should keep blogging…

12 Jul

It might seem a little old fashioned to actually read and write these days but here’s a good reason to keep blogging.

YOUrban — Immaterials: Light painting WiFi

9 Mar

via: YOUrban — Immaterials: Light painting WiFi.

Mr Beam – Scene Mapping

16 Feb

Nice work from Mr Beam in the Netherlands mapping projections not onto buildings but onto a set.

Not sure of the practical applications as no one can be in the room without ruining the illusion but an impressive effect.

Curated Place at FutureEverything

20 Oct

FutureEverything 2011

Exciting times as Curated Place’s Andy Brydon starts as festival producer for FutureEverything today.

It’s all systems go preparing for the 2011 festival of Art, Music and Ideas that has put Manchester firmly on the map in the world of digital culture with some incredibly ambitious projects in the pipeline that promise to up the ante in terms of what can be achieved as part of a festival.  However, details have to remain under wraps for just a little longer.

Running from the 11th – 14th May there’s still time for anyone wanting to get involved in the 2011 festival to respond to open calls for submissions still open in the Art and Conference strands.  And of course you can buy tickets now and benefit from advanced ticket discounts.

We’re extremely excited to be involved in Manchester’s most innovative festival and can’t wait to get well and truly stuck in to realising the amazing programme set for 2011.  Lots more coverage of developments here soon.

Face Visualiser

19 Oct

Can’t believe I missed Daito Manabe at NOISElab during the AND Festival playing people’s facial muscles with his Face Visualiser.  Really enjoyed their video but prefer this one:

Reminds me of the technique Traktor used to create  Fatboy Slim’s “Ya Mama” video but more visceral.

If anyone’s willing to be hooked up to my prototype All Body Visualiser please drop me a line.

Favourite website: latest contender

18 Oct

After two weeks of learning how to be a parent it’s high time (according to statutory paternity leave at least) that Curated Place got back on the treadmill of work.

So, it is with one eye on an increasingly strained diary that I’m considering as my new favourite website.

Essentially it’s a free messaging service that allows you to automatically send reminders to your project team or just to yourself about when you said you were going to follow up emails.

Just starting out with it but so far loving the concept.  Watch the video for more info.

Normal service has been resumed.

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